How to get off Gum of your carpet

Everywhere you look there is gum. It is on your desk, in your pocket, at the store, in your car, in your purse for after dinner chewing, pre kissing breath treatment, and it comes in all shapes and colors and flavors. After it does leave your mouth however, it usually is not disposed of properly and can end up in some tricky places to remove.

Imagine that you are just jogging and you notice a couple sitting and talking on the bench that you and your wife sat on for your first date. You remember the great feeling, the excitement, the first kiss, and now it’s happening over and over across the world. You shrug it off and turn around, making your way back towards home. Again you pass the couple and they have gotten closer, whispering and kissing as you run by again, you smile as you go and do not notice the two pieces of gum that you have ran over and are now taking home with you.

You get home from you run and move towards the bathroom to take a quick shower as you hear a loud shriek that has your name included with it. You quickly run our into the living room with a towel around your waist to find your better half distraught and standing over a large glob of something on your carpet. Gum! The gum from earlier has found its way into your carpet, and it is covered with tons of dirt and debris that has transferred onto your carpet.

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Don’t worry, you tell your wife, because when you needed the services of a residential carpet cleaning company you did your research and found a website for Indianapolis carpet cleaning. They had helpful tips on an array of topics that could help you out if you needed. She seems to be skeptical to your knowledge, so you set off to prove her wrong.

Number one you take your wife’s hair dryer and set it to high, turn this on your carpets where the gum stain is located, aiming six inches away from the gum for about a minute. It is important to not get too close to the carpet as you have read that it can melt the fibers of your carpet. You call for your wife to grab a plastic bag, maybe a sandwich bag and when she brings it you start to pick out the melted pieces of the gum with it so it does not stick on your fingers. As the gum cools you can repeat the steps and continue to get more and more out of the carpet.

Sometimes when you run you use a heating muscle cream, such as Ben Gay, and you know that this has a special effect and can be used to remove some stuff from carpets. You use the cream to break up the bond between the gum and the carpeting.

As you finish up you realize that you should heat the area again, picking at any leftovers and then us a new part of your plastic bag to for blotting all the rest of the stain out. You also take a small amount of soap and mix it up with some warm water and also blot at the stain.

All that’s left to do is vacuum, you show your wife and she is impressed. You are your own Charlotte carpet cleaner.

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