Las Vegas Upholstery Cleaning Service Las Vegas, NV

For Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas, it is the most effective of all techniques available. Also referred to as steam cleaning, it is used primarily for synthetic-based fabric although some may even use it to clean the cotton upholstery too. This is achieved by soaking the furniture in a mixture of hot water and upholstery cleaning solution before having a strong suction tool to extract the water.

Wet Shampooing:

This technique is relatively easier to employ since it only requires an upholstery shampoo and clean water to remove the grime and dust marks from your upholstery. This method works best on fabric such as the Haitian Cotton which is vulnerable to shrinking and browning. The strength of the bristles and the type of shampoo in this method will vary based on the upholstery.

Dry Cleaning:

Your upholstery can be returned to you in a better condition if our experts employ this method of cleaning.
We use a solution that is essentially a dry solvent sprinkled over the fabric surface.

Dry Foam:

If you have fabrics such as suede or silk that should not get wet, we suggest this technique, wherein suds from hot water are applied using a sponge or dry brush to get them clean before they are vacuumed.

Leather Upholstery:

This method uses a gentle wash of the surface with a cleaning solution with minimal water usage. The water is used sparingly, since over-soaking can ruin it by creating wrinkles. It is a more time consuming process than the other fabric cleaning procedures. However, variations exist based on the specific type of leather in question (protected, aniline or nu buck).

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