How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

You can imagine my disappointment the next morning, when I saw this yellow urine looking stain still in the carpet. That was about 4 inches round.

I found a unique way to take care of the household supplies that you have for this cleaning the spot:

  • a hair dryer,
  • a little measuring cup or a cup of hot water,
  • dispensing the dishwashing liquid,
  • a steam iron which most people have,
  • a bucket for keeping clean water in
  • and plenty of cotton rags to clean cotton.
  • also a Shop-Vac a wet dry vac, that you can suck up.
  • Moisture with using a cup of hot water, dishwashing liquid of your choice as long as it’s a grease fighting dishwashing liquid.

Add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and just dump it right in that hot water.

I’m going, to probably, use about half of this. I know this looks a little crazy, but I’m a dump it pretty liberally on that 4 inch spot probably use maybe a little bit more than half using about five layers of cotton rags, that are bigger than the spot and also bigger than my iron.

I take my bucket of clean hot water there’s no cleaning supplies in this and I’m going to thoroughly soaked these rags not rinsing all the water out of it but a little bit when I flatten them back out again.

I’m going to lay on right over top of that wet spot iron set on medium heat and low Steam japanese five wet rags that you can feel they’re pretty moist here.

I’m going to place the iron directly over top of the stain start the sizzle as it starts sizzling these rags and creating steam with these rags now.

I’m not going to let it sit in one spot. I’m going to move it around a little bit, because I want that iron 224 steam into this carpet and into that spot with the idea that we’re going to draw that spot up out of this carpet.

Now the reason I don’t want to let it sit too long and one places. I don’t want to drive these rags out and take a chance on burning this carpet top of the rags. Now what you want to do is you want to move the heat around to draw the spot up.
But not play so long that you’re going to release the adhesive on the back of the carpet.

As you can see this is not my towel scorching. This is actually the stain being drawn up through these five layers of cotton towels we have here and as you can pull it up and and turn it over, you can see that it’s pulling end of these rags this is exactly what you want to see happen.

Now I’m going to rinse these rags out and at clean water again and we’re going to reapply the Heat now.

I’m just to show that I’m not really leaving this iron on there very long.

You can see how quickly it gets hot, but again you can even with a second application after I rinse these rags.

You can actually see where the spot is starting to come up again gallon of steam. This a couple of times it’s looking pretty good to me.

I’m going to go ahead and soak one of my rags up just a single rag.

I’m going to press on it to press a little bit of moisture back into the fabric.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to block this area up until I’m sure with dry rags that I have all the dishwashing liquid soap up and I don’t see any more stain residue coming up. Cleaning dry rags isn’t anything, that I’ve used already and I’m going to go ahead and set it up on here making sure.

I put as much pressure in there as possible to soak up any of that stain or anything else or any of that dishwashing liquid that can still be in there rubbing it back and forth.

Because what I wanted to do is to bring it up into the top. Doing it every time I’m not seeing any more stain coming up. All I’m seeing is a little bit of it pretty much done except for one more phase.

Now that I’m confident that the stain is up the carpet still feels a little bit damp I don’t like leaving damp carpet.

I want to dry this as much as I possibly can. So I brought up my wet dry vac and I put my attachment on it to try to make the suction as much as possible even though this isn’t soaking wet or anything is still pretty damn well.

Go ahead and we’ll kick on the Shop-Vac and suck it up as much as possible same spot to be in the floor.

You can always take a blow dryer putting it on medium heat and high blow and turn it on to blow and back of your hand will feel the heat so you’ll know if you’re overdoing it.

I’ll go ahead and dry it off like that it’s been 24 hours and here’s our same inch spot looking at the surrounding area that carpet the stain is completely come out and I’m very happy with the results that we’ve used on all different types of carpet.

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