Stain Removal

Upholstery Cleaning

The last thing you want to do is sit on dirty couches. What we don’t realize is that in our everyday comings and goings those couches and chairs get a huge number of allergens and dust particles in them. Unless you keep your furniture in plastic everyday of every year there is no way to keep those things off our furniture. That where we can help. We do fantastic upholstery cleaning to get those particles out of the furniture we spend time in. This will keep your family happy and healthy with less sick days and more time to spend together.

Carpet Repair

Moving furniture from one room to another can create a small or major tear in your carpet. We can fix that for you. We can color and texture match your carpet and get it looking like nothing ever happened. We have experience carpet installers on staff that can assess what the damage is and get it fixed correctly for you so that your carpet look flawless.

Stain Removal

Oh no Oops you drop a glass of red wine on the carpet and have no clue how to get it out. Give us a call we can get that out and away from your home in less time that it took for it to spill. We specialize in getting stains out and gone forever. There was a time when if something of color spilt on our carpets we could never get it out and the only way to make it go away was covering it and living with the fact that it was there. Not anymore. We have the ability to get that stain lifted and cleaned so that it is forgotten about and you can have your carpet looking back to its perfect condition in no time.

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