5 Things What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Calling Any Cleaner?

Wasted Time:
“We’ll be there between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.” Have you ever had to wait all day for a service company to show up? Like your time isn’t valuable? We offers 30 minute time frames for our appointments, allowing you to schedule your day around us.

Worthless Guarantees:
Such as — “SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!” You hear this all the time. If it was guaranteed then why are there so many horror stories out there? We offer The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, or it’s FREE! We really do stand behind every job we do with our 200% Iron-Clad No-Risk Guarantee. There is absolutely NOTHING more important than your complete and total satisfaction!

Bait & Switch:
Many carpet cleaners advertise super-low prices hoping you call them for service – that’s the bait! Then once they arrive, everything suddenly becomes an additional charge – that’s the switch! We offer our exclusive FREE Cleaning Audit™. This is a professional evaluation of your cleaning needs PLUS you’ll get an exact handwritten “down-to-the-penny” price when we leave on what it will cost to have us clean it for you. Don’t fall victim to the bait & switch con game! Watch the video to the left and discover what some companies do and how you can avoid being ripped-off.

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down for dinner with your family and then being interrupted by an unwelcome pest telling you he’s going to be in your neighborhood with a “special deal”. WE DON’T TELEMARKET! (We hate those guys!) Our clients call us and tell us when they want their carpeting cleaned.

Unsupported Claims:
“THIS CLEANING METHOD IS THE BEST.” You’ll read this in almost every ad and hear this from virtually every carpet cleaner. The bottom line: It pays to read your carpet warranty! The manufacturer will tell you which method they prefer and how often they expect you to clean it. The method YOU think is best may NOT be the method that the manufacturer approves… So be very careful when choosing a cleaner— you don’t want to void your warranty!

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